The Power of Man

You will wonder the power man, as a human being, has. You will wonder how powerful man is in constructing such a gigantic building above. You will also wonder the power man possesses in bringing down this great building in just 3 seconds! (God forbid).

Wonderful, you'll say.

The above building is the world's tallest building and is located in Dubai. Sometime ago in September 11, 2001, America's twin tower was brought down by suicide missioners. The buildings has taken years to build, but in just few minutes, the missioners turned it to rumbles. The whole world condemned this act of terror.

In the bible, it was mentioned that some particular people built a building that even entered the sky. Later their languages changed and somehow, they could not understand themselves again, and by this, their building collapsed.

Get me right, I am not in anyway opposing the buildings above. In fact I appreciate this great work of man. I do not pray that terrorists do anything to this building in any way.

These Beings... these destroyers..

These Beings... these destroyers..

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


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